Ketogenic Diet Plan – Keto Diet Plan – Ketosis Diet Plan

Ketogenic Diet Plan – Keto Diet Plan – Ketosis Diet Plan: All the same

What is Ketosis and Ketogenic Diet Plan? Here’s a short explanation on how a Ketosis Diet can help you lose fat. A Ketosis Diet focuses on fueling your body by forcing it run on stored fat; i.e. your body goes into a state of “ketosis.”

A diet aimed at attaining a state of Ketosis, is one nearly void of carbs. This lack of carbs forces your body to run on stored fat.

Normally, our bodies are geared to run on Carbohydrates as a primary source of  fuel, but if we eliminate carbs almost completely for even week, we can see dramatic results in the way our bodies can function. The body will switch over to a state of ketosis, and begin to burn stored fat as energy. This is achieved by restricting the fuel (food source) to a protein- only diet and reducing the daily caloric intake to 500-800 calories, never going below 500 calories from protein.

Protein only restriction isn’t recommended for a longterm diet plan, as your body needs carbs for a variety of functions and processes. For example, the  elimination of waste from the body is a function that carbohydrates aid in by providing Fiber to help the body complete this essential process. Fiber is found in leafy green vegetables, fruit, legumes, cabbages, lentils and other foods which are all sources of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, you must take care to drink plenty of water and a couple servings of calorie and carb-free electrolytes to keep your body functioning in a safe and healthy way. If you fail to do this, you may find your self with many completely avoidable problems (detailed in the heading Water for Ketosis).

After you have reached a state of ketosis, which can happen as quickly as 3-7 days of protein-only and low-calorie diet, you should begin to slowly add in some options for carbohydrates. You can find some amazing recipes and weekly meal plans on our site, and we encourage the comments of others to help give support, fresh ideas, and make the Ketosis Diet Headquarters a great community. Hopefully this article has at least started to answer the question “What is ketosis?”.

The New Weight Loss Aid by Ketosis Diet Plan

For people who are looking for the newest weight loss aid, the phrase Ketogenic Diet Plan (or Ketosis Diet Plan, Keto Diet Plan) is starting to pop up everywhere. Even before a famous doctor on TV opened up the story about revolutionary trials, people started to notice that this diet is different from other weight loss diet, pills and medications. The best thing about 7-Keto so far is that it works. It is effective across the board in trials with adult participants, increasing weight loss by significant amounts. So what is 7-Keto and how does it work?

In combination with news about 7-Keto, people are talking a lot about metabolism. Your metabolism is the way that food is broken down and used by the body. When your metabolism is slow, you tend to store excess energy as fat cells. When your metabolism speeds up, you burn fat and use it for the energy it contains. When you exercise your metabolism speeds up, because you need more energy to do exercise than when you are sitting around.

But your rate of metabolism at rest might just be the key to keeping unwanted pounds off. It turns out that DHEA, a critical hormone that regulates metabolism, produces 7-Keto as a by-product. The release of 7-Keto causes an increase in resting rate metabolism as well as exercise metabolism. So the idea with a 7-Keto supplement is that you can boost the intake of your natural metabolism increasing agents.

Of course, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to get regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. Cutting out snacks that cause weight gain is critical to losing weight. In the controlled trials, 7-Keto was administered to one group of adults who were on a low calorie, healthy diet. They were also on a weight loss exercise plan. The control group had the same diet and exercise plan, but were given placebos instead of 7-Keto pills. The results were staggering. The 7-Keto group lost almost three times the weight as the control group.

What this means for people who are trying desperately to lose weight is nothing short of revolutionary. As we age we stop producing DHEA and therefore the levels of 7-Keto drop, too. As a result, we gain weight. By taking 7-Keto supplements, you may be able to reverse that process and increase your metabolism rate to what it was when you were in your 20s. Now that is a great way to lose weight.

Ketogenic Diet Plan - Keto Diet Plan - Ketosis Diet Plan

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